growth – just one good reason to become a nurse –

I’m always looking for new opportunities, and ways to grow. Not just to grow as a nurse, but in general as a human being; and to grow my knowledge in various topics.

Lately, I’ve been getting into fitness; specifically running and Beach Body videos. (No, I’m not a beach body coach, keep reading! haha). I’m really enjoying the ease of working out from home, just pulling on some workout gear and start running out the door, or just get in front of your lap top and work it! Anyway, I have two coaches, a beach body coach and my running program coach. They are amazing at motivating me, and teaching me. They’re also really inspiring, and I’m thinking I want to do something along the lines of coaching one day, to inspire and teach others. I’m not sure what that looks like yet, I’ve thought about taking a holistic nutrition course that would result in a diploma and certification. That way I can teach others about the importance of healthy eating and what healthy food looks like. I am a believer in functional medicine, and I think that the western medicine world could learn A LOT from better nutrition. Have you seen a hospital food tray? Pretty sad, and poor example of healthy eating. I don’t know how hospital dietitians do it, I’d have a bad case of moral ethical dilemma if I was a hospital dietitian. (this could really be a whole other blog post…)

So, I’m always learning, always researching things. I think that’s why I became a Licensed Practical Nurse. There are so many avenues to explore, and our scope of practice is increasing so much as well. When I was a Unit Clerk, I moved around so much because I just wanted to learn and discover all the cool health areas, from orthopaedics, to weight loss surgeries, to general medicine and surgery; I even got to dabble in Emergency and a Hematology Clinic. I realized that my eagerness to learn more wasn’t being satisfied as a Unit Clerk, I couldn’t go “up the ladder” so to speak, and I couldn’t gain anything besides (totally awesome) experience and knowledge that I couldn’t really use. As an LPN, though, I could gain knowledge AND get to USE IT in my practice every day. I also get to attend little courses here and there, and get certificates that I can add onto my resume.

As an LPN, I’ve worked in Medicine, and Addictions & Mental Health. The areas I’m looking into next are: Renal Dialysis & Hemodialysis, Orthopaedic Surgery, OR Technician, and Wound Care nursing in a private clinic setting. I’m also VERY interested in becoming a foot nurse, and running my own business one day. So many options!

I love networking, and getting to know about various health care careers in multiple settings, please feel free to reach out and tell me about your work or some opportunities you think I may be interested in! I enjoy hospital life, as well as the fitness, nutrition, and holistic approaches to health care.

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