Why “FishaGinge”?

Its really not that exciting…but its a ‘name’ I’ve sort of stuck to. An old friend of mine, way back in high school (Hi Holly!) used to call me Trisha-Fisha. At first I didn’t like it, but I didn’t have a lot of friends, so I’d just laugh and laugh and play along with it. Eventually it grew on me, and Holly and I became good friends in high school.

Ginge, of course, comes from me being a ginger. Which, hey, I could probably just blog on that alone. Ginger facts, ginger history, origins of gingers. Ginger world wide get togethers, ginger extinction. Ginger hair tips, makeup tips. Oh, I could go on!

So, anyway, I’ve combined my old nickname from Holly, and added it to my identity of being Ginger. Hence, FishaGinge evolved.


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