For the Baby Nurses (cause I’m NOT a baby anymore) 6 Things I’ve Learned.

For all the baby nurses out there. The ones who are just beginning their new adventure in life sitting in the classroom wondering what the heck they just got themselves into. To the ones who are halfway done school and just eager to finish, and to the ones who are finished school and waiting for that precious email, the one that has their Temporary License. To all of you, HANG IN THERE!

I know its pretty tough, you’ve come so far and you’ve got to wait again. If theres only one thing that Nursing school has taught me, its patience! I’ve always struggled with patience, and maybe thats why this schooling meant so much more to me than becoming an LPN. I’ve learned so much about myself, (shoutout to NCOM with Tammy!) made some pretty awesome friends, learned to loosen up the reigns of control and to be so incredibly patient. Nothing in Nursing school is easy. If anyone tells you it is they’re lying!

Here begins a list of things that I’ve learned in Nursing school:

  1. To be patient. Yes, I’ve already mentioned this, but seriously, you’re dependant on the College to do so much for you, and its all within their timeframes. They don’t care that you have to work at 3, and can’t check your phone for that beloved grade on your latest assignment. Lets be real, there’s probably 3 assignments that you’re waiting on a grade for!
  2. Time management, aka. making the most of every. single. minute. you have. On a good day, it was 0700 Catch the bus. 0740 grab a coffee. 0800 attend your first class. 0900 go pee. 1100 class is over, grab your friends and head to The Pint (not kidding around). 1215 quick grab more coffee. 1230 class time. 230 class over,  need more coffee you’re falling asleep. 245 Head to the library for your group project. 415pm time to leave, you’ve had enough. 515pm walking home from bus station. 530 start your paper. 600pm Eat Dinner. 630pm Wash dishes. 700pm study for your exam. 830pm Study for your other exam now. 930pm Work on that paper. 1030pm Check your Facebook messenger, incase your group project members have questions. 1130pm crawl into bed and crash. 
  3. Spend money. Wow. I really spent a lot of money. It was bad, and I kick myself for it now. However I had a really great time! I do not encourage you to spend lots of money, but I do encourage you to have fun! I definitely went on WAY too many lunch dates and drank WAY too much beer.
  4. Discovered all of the sweet places to eat. I’m a self proclaimed foodie, and most of my friends and family know this, and often I’ll be asked where a good place to eat is. So, naturally, while I went to school downtown, I made sure to try all the places that I have never been before. I ate so much food. It was amazing.


  5. Maintaining friendships with friends who are outside of Nursing school is REALLY REALLY tough. But it is so very important. Especially since they were likely the ones who encouraged you to do this in the first place. I admit I was not very good at finding a balance with this. Its very difficult. Nursing school entails a lot of homework, often you’ll have 2 exams and 3 assignments due all in the same week, and you’ve just been told about them now, and only have two weeks to prepare/complete. Thankfully my friends and family were pretty understanding, but I think all of my food photos and outings looked like I was just having fun in Nursing school 😉
  6. I’ve also learned that I really love to learn. I know, “what a nerd.”. Now that I am done school, its like my brain doesn’t know what to do with itself. I can’t wait to start working as an LPN, and to really  put my brain to work. In the meantime, I’ll be here.

Are you in Nursing school right now? What are some things that you’ve learned? Is there any new restaurants popping up in downtown Edmonton that I don’t know about yet?

Let me know!


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